Dr. Barnes received his doctoral degree in Psychological & Brain Sciences from Boston University's school of Arts & Sciences in 2011 and went onto be board certified in 2012 after completing the VA Boston Healthcare System postdoctoral fellowship. He is also a graduate of Arizona State University where he completed his bachelors before going on to Boston University to obtain his masters and doctoral degrees.

While Dr. Barnes practices general psychotherapy for patients of all ages, his true area of expertise is with patients afflicted with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Dr. Barnes is well known for his work with both general trauma patients as well as working with those who seek help via the VA Boston Healthcare System, devoting his time outside of the office to regularly volunteer at the VA.

Patients applaud Barnes for his dedicated nature and calm demeanor. One patient testimonial boasts, "Dr. Barnes has never made me feel like he's judging me for one second. He's sensitive to my issues but he won't hesitate to give me tough love when I need it. Other doctors I've seen have either been too lenient or too demanding. Dr. Barnes knows how to tailor his approach to each patient." Barnes has often said that the biggest problem that trauma patients face is accepting their trauma without shame. "Sometimes people need an objective voice to guide them through it all and remind them that none of this was their fault. It's normal to have reactions to catastrophic events."

Barnes also is known for his interest in art therapy. "Sometimes patients can't find the words to express themselves but still need to. Art therapy helps bridge that gap. It helps them to unleash their frustrations in a healthy, safe environment."

Practice Areas

  • Child psychotherapy
  • Adolescent psychotherapy
  • Adult Psychotherapy
  • Counselling for Trauma